How to access banned websites in india

how to access banned websites in india
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There is a simple way in which you can access banned websites in India.

Simply you have to use a other VPN (virtual private network)  which does not track Indian ip address its an automatic service where you don't have to do any thing just install the app and click on connect after it is connected you can open any site you want to in the world let it may be in India or any other parts of the world.

1. For Mobile (android).

Just install this app named Betternet

here is the link to it

Install , open the app, click connect , after it connects here you are to surf any website you want.

2. For Chrome , Firefox, IOS and Windows.

here is the link to it

simply click on the link it will take you to the download option select your option and install the extension to the browser.

Click connect and here you go now you can access any website let it may be a banned website.

Band are of no use you can still access the websites isn't it a thing to lol.

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