Old women beaten very badly in manipur

old women beaten badly in manipur
old woman is beaten every badly by a Nepali woman who want non-Manipuri to get off, source via - google search, India news.
A Nepali woman is shown her place in Manipur by a local Manipuri women who does not want Non-Manipuris whom they call "Mayang Thuyangs" in Manipur. 

This woman is accused of drinking alcohol and her ear is cut along with her hair with the scissors. 

Even when she is bleeding, the criminally motivated woman does not restrain and assaults her in a deadly fashion with a stick.

Wait for the video to load

How can women just beat old women in public so badly and everyone there is just watching no one came to stop this nonsense, it feels bad when such incident happen, many people will ignore this saying "apneko kya farak padta hai".

"Farak padega" jab tumhare sath hoga farak padega.

Please share it until this reaches every person in India.
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