How to do cool things with google

Cool things which google can do.

cool things google can do

1. Play Pacman.

Type "Pacman" and click Search. Click to start playing the game.
how to play pacman on google

2. Play “Atari Breakout”(Google Images).

Go to Google Images, type "Atari Breakout", hit the Search button, wait for a second and a game will start automatically but only on computer not on mobile.

how to play atari breakdown on google
source:- youtube

3. Type zerg rush and see what happens.

When you type zerg rush in mobile click on "google zerg rush" and in pc it may start automatically have a look.

this is a game where your page is taken over by little o’s and you have to click on them destroy them, before they destroy your search results.

how to play zerg rush on google

4. How to Pronounce Big Numbers google will help you.

To have Google Search teach you how to pronounce big numbers, just type in the figure then add an equal (=) and the language you want it to be pronounced in. This works for up to 13 digits only.
how to pronounce big numbers in google

5 . Use google search if you don't have a Calculator.

Just type 2+2 in search bar and results will come with a calculator and then you can use that calculator simple.
how to use google calculator

6. Calculate the Waiter Tip with Google Tip Calculator

If you are poor with math but not with tips, use Google’s Tip Calculator to do the math for you. Search "tip calculator" , enter your bill amount, tip % and select the number of people contributing to the bill to get how much your tip is.
how to use google tip calculator
source:- seroundtable

7. Use Google Timer Right from Search Bar.

Need a timer? Type in Google Timer and a box will pop up, allowing you to enter any amount of time, for example 4 minutes. Google Timer will start the countdown and a beeping alarm will ring once it reaches 0. Google timer can be set for full screen as well.
how to use google timer
source:- googlesystem

8. Check Your Flight Status directly from google search bar.

A handy trick for frequent fliers. If you have someone picking you up at the airport, just give them your flight number and they can check your flight status. e.g. PK304. It will also show the terminal and gate you will arrive in.
how to check my flight status in google
source:- supertnt

9. tilt Google Search or tell him to barrel roll for you.

Type "do a barrel roll" or "tilt" and hit search to make it do just that
how to make google tilt
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