Man killed his wife and walked with her head on Pune road

man cuts wife head
man killed the wife and was walking with her head on Pune road, source via - google search, India news.
Shocking News:  The sight of a man walking around with a severed head shocked people on the streets of Pune in Maharashtra on Friday morning.

Watch the video below.

Ramachandra Chavan, 60, allegedly beheaded his 55-year-old wife Sonabai and then walked around with the head until the traffic police stopped him and arrested him.

In a chilling mobile clip, Mr Chavan, wearing a dhoti and kurta, is seen holding the head in one hand and an axe in the other; two policemen are seen running after him as others on the road gap. The police quickly covered the head with a cloth.

The police say Mr Chavan, who works as a watchman, killed his wife with the axe suspecting that she was having an affair.

Wait for the video to load
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