how to write attractive headlines to bring huge traffic

headline analyses
source via:- google search, how to write attractive headlines to bring huge traffic to your blog or website
The best website that will help you make better headlines is that will do analysis of the headline which you have written accurately or not.

Steps to be followed to improve your headline:-

1) visit the website :-

2) insert the current headline you have chosen for your blog.

3) The result will show you what you have to change in your headlines the first will be the common , uncommon, power and emotional word balance, properly balance the word.

4) Headline should not contain more then 9 words and 62 characters for better seo and search results.

5) remember to see the keywords below that shows you on what bases the post will be seen if there are no keywords you want there re-arrange the headline.

6) finally after doing this all your score should be above 70 and should be in green, if your score is below 70 and is in yellow or red do not publish the post until you get that circle in green lines.
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