47 Policemen life sentenced in the Pilibhit case

police men killed sikh in pilibhit
source via:- google search, India news, 47 policemen jailed for killing 10 Sikh pilgrims in pilibhit Uttar Pradesh 
A special CBI court on Monday awarded life sentence to a group of 47 policemen for killing 10 Sikh pilgrims in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh  in 1991.

The CBI had investigated the case on the directions of Supreme Court.

This case is about 25 years ago and after so long the decision has been made.

A total of 57 policemen were charge sheeted in the case of which 10 died in the course of the trial.

According to CBI, the bus was on its way to Pilibhit on July 12, when a police team stopped it at Kachlapul ghat. Eleven Sikh men were allegedly dragged out of the vehicle. 

The other passengers, including women and children, were taken to a gurdwara in Pilibhit while the men were made to sit in another vehicle.

After the incident, all the Sikh men were killed the police then claimed that these men had criminal cases against them and claimed to have recovered arms and ammunition from their possession.

The CBI probe found that the police got the autopsy done on 10 of the bodies and got them cremated the same day.
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