Chandigarh has become the first city to be Kerosene Free

source via:- google search, business news, Chandigarh is the first city in India to be Kerosene Free and it shifted to LPG for the betterment
Households have been shifted to LPG to help declare Chandigarh kerosene-free. "Thus, no further distribution of subsidised kerosene will be done in Chandigarh from the month of April 2016 onwards," the Petroleum Ministry said in a statement.

They want everyone to use LPG rather than Kerosene and this process of converting have been started many months back.

To facilitate the kerosene beneficiaries getting LPG connections, enrolment camps were organised by state-owned fuel retailers to provide hassle-free LPG connections.

Total of 15249 LPG connections have been made till now and many are under process.
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