India can grow faster then its growing currently, Jaitley

Jaitley on growth rate
source via - google search, business news, India has the potential to grow faster than its growing currently at a rate of 7.5 percent
India has the potential to grow at a faster pace on the back of healthy monsoon rains, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said.

"On 7.5 percent by global standards or by world standards, in the current situation are we doing well? The answer is Yes. But by our own requirement standards are we doing well enough? I think, we can do better," Jaitley said at the event.

According to Jaitley, India can get higher growth rate than its 7.5 % rate, there are many export policy also being developed to push exports and various steps are been taken to improve business.

Several positive factors like a forecast of above-average rains, healthy expansion of industrial production and a decline in retail inflation have acted as triggers for the equity markets.
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