How to consult a doctor on Facebook, using lybrate

consult doctor on facebook
How to consult a doctor on Facebook, using lybrate chatbot the first ever online doctor consultation platform on facebook./ source via - google search, tech news.
How to consult a doctor on Facebook:- The social media giant had introduced 'chatbots' to developers last month and online doctor consultation platform, Lybrate is among the first to announce its Lybrate bot.

It allows people to communicate and seek opinion on health queries from doctors and stay updated on health-related issues. 

The response time depends on the query. Users can add the bot for free by logging on to their Messenger account and then click on

There is an interesting feature known as the health quiz in the messenger where people can test knowledge about health issues, which are mostly ignored by many people.

Lybrate is also available on app stores, and claims of having over 100000 doctors on its platform.

Social bots can be a game changer for facebook and also Microsoft is also looking forward to the same ahead.

Did you know by the use of chatbots you can also order pizza, flowers etc directly while eradicating the mid-process system.

Chatbots are the feature of artificial intelligence and can play a huge role in the near future
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