Tired of high heels at work in UK, read this petition

high heels
high heels problem at work in the Uk you have to read this petition./ source via - google search, what's trending
A temporary worker woman who was sent back for wearing flat shoes has collected more than 120,000 signatures so far in a petition for Britain to make it illegal for a firm to compulsory wear high heels at work.

Nicola Thorp’s petition over the 100,000 signature threshold needed to have Britain’s parliament consider holding a debate on an issue.

She made headlines this week when she launched her campaign.

She told the media that she refused an offer to go buy a pair of heels and was sent home without pay.

Portico, the agency through which Thorp got the job, had set the uniform guidelines and has since reviewed and revised its policy upon PwC’s request. 

It now says “all our female colleagues can wear plain flat shoes or plain court shoes as they prefer.

She has told that wearing high heels can lead to a problem in a woman and create health problems in a long term.
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