Pinterest virtual shopping bag new feature may be soon launched

pinterest shopping bag
Pinterest virtual shopping bag new feature for all the shopping love users, source via - google search, tech news. 

Pinterest virtual shopping bag a new feature that the visitors on the site can enjoy which is available for android and desktop visitors till now.

Pinterest said that they are getting into e-commerce more and wants to facilitate shopping on the site.

The Pinterest virtual shopping bag feature will let users add what they like to shop while cruising the bulletin boards, they can later check out and those things will be waiting for you.

Pinterest last year dove into e-commerce with “pins” in mobile applications that let people buy items they see on bulletin boards.

The company is still working on to launch the Pinterest virtual shopping bag feature for apple phones and tablets.

There will be also merchant profile for users to see what's on sale and what's new they are selling.

Pinterest is also working on a feature where to suppose if you like something, you just have to click the photo of the same and Pinterest will recommend you the same interest stuff on their site.

And later if you want you can buy the same, so now no need to search for what you want just snap and it will be there for you.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board platform, with users decorating their boards with pictures showcasing interests in a variety of areas, including food, fashion, and travel.

The company has found out that instead of people coming on the site to see friends photo they visit the site with a commercial intent.

Following this intent they have stuck themselves between social networking and online e-commerce and search site.

Founded in 2010, Pinterest boasts more than 100 million users, with about 45 percent of them outside the United States.
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