Best places in Mumbai to have ice gola

mumbai gola 2
source via:-google search, what's trending, best places in Mumbai to have ice gola in hot summer
1) Pooja Malai Gola 

situated in Ghatkopar east tilak road is the most famous gola wala and the tastiest is the chocolate malai gola most of the crowd here is from the Gujarati community.

mumbai gola 1
source via:-google search, pooja malai gola gharkopar east tilak road Mumbai

2) Jai jawan gola center.

 settled at Birla kreeda center this is often conjointly and honest gola center for summer handout

mumbai gola 3
source via:-google search, jai jawan gola center near birla kreeda center

3) go-gola center 

go gola is a unique gola center fully dedicated to only gola making ,good service,full neatness ,best service among all gola center.
mumbai gola 4
source via:-google search, go gola is a unique gola center and have many branches in Mumbai

4) i say ice.

located in oshiwara andheri one of the famous gola wala in Andheri lokandwala there has also been celebrity visits in this gola center.
mumbai gola 6
source:via-google search, i say ice is a gola center located in andheri lokandwala and is bit expensive

5) juhu gola centers.

A famous place for all the tourist coming to Mumbai it is also the best places where u get tasty gola and huge options and variety , there are at least 20 shops where golas are served in Juhu.

mumbai gola 7
source via:-google search, juhu gola center is a famous tourist spot there are many golawala there
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