Alien hunters discover a pyramid on Mars

pyramid on mars
source via:- google search, world news, photo credit:- NASA, theorists say they have found pyramids on Mars

In their latest bizarre claim, conspiracy theorists say they have found a replica of one of Egypt's Great Pyramids on Mars.

Citing the 'near-perfect design and shape', they argue the 'pyramid' is evidence that an ancient civilization once lived on the red planet.

While the pyramid is believed to be 'car-sized', alien-hunters say it may be just the tip of a much larger structure buried beneath.

'It appears that the NASA operators of Curiosity deliberately chose not to take another photo or zoom in on the pyramid. 
'If they however did so, none of these subsequent photos were released to the general public.'

Paranormal Crucible goes further, claiming the 'near perfect design and shape' means the pyramid is: 'the result of intelligent design and certainly not a trick of light and shadow'.
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