Mumbai’s sea link project will Connect Nariman Point and Kandivali

worli sea link best photo
source via - google search, India news, the coastal road project in Mumbai can get an end to a traffic jam 
For Mumbaikars, heavy traffic jams are a part of life. It is one of those things that you cannot do anything about. 

However, those higher in the chain of command, have just sanctioned a new stretch of tarmac. 

This ambitious project goes by the name of Coastal Road Project. Once finished, it will stretch 35 kilometres and connect Nariman Point and the suburb of Kandivali.

The Bandra-Worli sea link was built at a cost of INR 1650 crore (appx.)

Just like with most large scale construction projects, the Coastal Road Project also came under firing from the environmental community. 

These two are like the two sides of a coin and just like the metallic clinker, something you can’t do without. 

The Coastal Road Project got the positive nod from the Ministry of Environment and Forests under some conditions.

These conditions state that the Coastal Road Project shall not cause repercussions for coastal and marine life.

It is also understood that the project will consume as less of the reclaimed coastal land as possible. 

There shall not be any commercial activity permitted on this reclaimed portion of land. 

The green folks have also mentioned that the high-tide line won’t be meddled with.
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