Contaminated Foods can lead you to worms in full body

worms inside stomach picture
source via:-google search, world news, Sushi lover eats contaminated sashimi and gets worms in his full body
The Chinese men went to his doctor complaining of the stomach ache and itchy skin,after the test done the doctor finds that his whole body was infected with tapeworms after eating too much sashimi.

Doctors believe that some of the uncooked fish and raw meat must have been contaminated , After that he was treated in the Guangzhou no 8 people's hospital , in Easter china.

The researcher has shown that eating raw or uncooked fish can lead to a variety of parasitic infections.

When fish eat tapeworm eggs, the hatching larvae attach themselves to the intestinal wall of the fish and hence because of this they infect the fish flesh.

tapeworm inside the body
source via:-google search, world news, worms in the full body picture
Hence the sushi which is not cooked well, the larvae from the fish can also spread in human body if anyone eats that fish uncooked or raw.

Once the human is infected tapeworm will be grown in the intestine to a length of up-to 15 meters in few weeks.

Symptoms include abdominal discomfort, fatigue, and constipation.

If the larvae spread around the whole body it can also eat up the liver, eyes and brain and can cause a life threatening position.
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