A.P.J abdul kalam death on internet goes viral

apj abdul kalam dead
source via:- google search, India news, APJ Abdul kalam death
A.P.J Abdul Kalam Death news became so viral on the internet and its just a fake news, he is still alive and well, the trend of fake celebrity news now a day is trending for no reason and it's just not good.

You will get shocked when you see this photo of Jharkhand minister, who is giving tribute to the photo of A.P.J Abdul Kalam and that she's so ignorant that she believed the fake news.

This happened because of a Facebook page on the internet which was created with a name of "R.I.P ABDUL KALAM" it nearly attracted 1 million likes and people started commenting on the same and hence goes viral.

This kind of rumors are not funny and the people who post such kind of news to attract masses should stop this because by doing that you hurting many people's sentiments and feelings.

And one more thing people stop believing what you see on the internet when you see something just research properly about it and then take further actions,Thank you.
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