Azim Premji donates his half stakes from wipro towards charity.

azim premji latest photo
source via:-google search/news/yahoo, Azim Premji donates his wealth to the poor 
The first Indian to sign the Giving Pledge Mr Azim Premji (Wipro's Chairman), by allocating an additional 18% stake in company to fund philanthropy he has set aside more then half of his wealth for charity,thus earmarking 39 % of stake worth rupees 53,284 crore.

The 69 year old Mr Azim Premji is the first to sign the giving pledge, sponsored by billionaires Warren Buffet and Microsoft co-founder Mr Bill Gates to invite the world's wealthiest to donate their majority of wealth towards charity.

Premji in a letter to shareholder said that he has transferred a significant part , amounting to 39% of shares to a trust.

And according to the hurun India Philanthropy list Mr Azim Premji was considered the "Most Generous Indian" of 2014.
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