Children poverty ratio higher now then during the great recession

children in poverty picture
source via :- google search, world new,  photo credit - Wolcott/state archives of Florida, children living in poverty ratio increase
According to the new report from Annie.E Casey Foundation, there are more children living in poverty now than during the great recession.

There were 22% of children living in poverty in the year 2013 compared to 18% in 2008 isn't this shocking, however, this reports are from 2013 and the outcome may be different now because the unemployment rate has lowered to 5.3% .

The main factor effecting is the rising cost of the household , residential segregation, and other factors.

In the state by state analysis it was found that Minnesota ranked at the top for child well-being while states like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Lowa and Vermont ranked lower.

At last, the foundation authorities added that "We focus on what we can do the best and till now we've done a good job" and we will hence look forward to helping such kind of people through various official programs.
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