Close up look at Planet Pluto By New horizon

new horizon images
source via:-google search-world news-yahoo, New Horizon Pluto Travel Time And Its Distance Covered
It took 9 years for the spacecraft to travel 5 billion km to its target and has collected a lot of pictures and data on the go, it has traveled at a speed of 58000 km/hr and has recorded the most faster craft ever to leave the earth.

Pluto is the last planet visited by a spacecraft in that classical 9 planet system.

A new horizon is gathering masses of images and will be sending it to earth in the coming few months.

The space craft will also have a look at the five moons including the Charon which is of its half the size.

After that new horizon will get into the belt know as the "Kuiper Belt" to explore more unusual objects out there.

pluto befor and after pics
source via:-google search--world news-yahoo, Before And After Pictures Of planet Pluto By The New Horizon
When this mission was launched the only main aim for it was to reach the 9th planet of the classical solar system, which is hence now achieved.

Rather then the Pluto-size it looks like a fully fledged planet having an atmosphere and also have its own five moon's.

As there is less light travelling to Pluto the data collected may be limited and hence we have to work on that data only in depth.

Pluto has a thin atmosphere of nitrogen,carbon DI-oxide, and methane, scientist believes that this planet may have water below its surface because the surface itself is frozen.

New Horizon team member professor Bill Mckinnon, from Washington University, stated that " He is really hoping to see very active and a dynamic world".

Watch this Amazing video ,What After Pluto ? New Horizons will find out.

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