Dominos is tracking pizza via apple watch

track pizza with apple watch
source via:-google search/news/yahoo,  Dominos Pizza Tracking App with Apple Watch
Domino's pizza launched the first pizza tracking app for apple watch in the industry.

Where steps are mentioned from 1 to 5, Dennis Maloney , the Domino's digital chief said that the apple watch is the number one player in smartwatch category and many of the Domino's customers order their pizza from the IOS platform and hence this step of digitization was taken by us.

Now Domino's customers can track their pizza from the time the order is placed till the time it reaches you at your destination this app provides customers with a step by step tracking system as you can see in this image above. 

He also added that you can order a pizza with the new system called the tweet to order system.

He also Said that this is great thing from the PR point of view and also is good for our brand.
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