How to avoid lines at restaurants and coffee shops

google rush hour search
source via:-google search, what's trending, google launched a news feature called the google rush which will show you the rush hour timings of restaurants and coffee shops
The Company rolled out a new feature on Tuesday which allows you to see what time is a business or a place like coffee shops and restaurants are busy by its historic records.

Now you can see what are the busy hours of a place and avoid going there at that time.

Google cards in Google search now shows a popular time section along with the business address,phone no and hours.

To find the info, search for a restaurant, store or other business to bring up its location card. Select "more about" at the bottom of the card to see the "popular times" panel.

You can also swipe it to see what days are best to go and what time is suitable to visit there without any rush.

It is also available on Google Android app and chrome extension.

It probably does not shows you the accurate numbers and time but an estimate which are best suitable.
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