When you 21 you will cut pot smoking and start drinking

how to quit pot addiction
source via:-google search/news/yahoo, people of age 21 starts drinking and cut pot smoking says a study
Worried that your kid can't kick his/her pot smoking habits wait until he/she is 21, according to a new study people drastically boost their drinking habits at that age and can cut down their pot smoking habits at the same time.

Researchers from Illinois University have analyzed five years of data from the "National Survey On Drug Use And Health" and also have asked people of the age 18 to 24 from their surveys.

Researchers found that people who were aged below 20 years and 11 months were a stable user of marijuana, but as soon as they turn 21 their alcohol consumption within 30 days jumped by 16% while pot use fell down by 10%, reports the Washington posts.

Alcohol appears to be a substitute of marijuana, In men percentage of having pot fell by 7.5% while 15% in women around age 21.
Lowering the minimum drinking age would also help in lower consumption of marijuana in young adults.

A Study recently discovered what happens when you mix booze and pot.
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