She was pushed by her in laws from the fourth floor balcony

harassment case in india
source via:- facebook/Sachin-Pandey, this woman was pushed by her in-laws from the fourth-floor balcony

We want to inform you about a brutality that occurred in JAIN Samaj which led to the death of a 24 yrs old newly married girl by her in-laws. It is a real life incident that took place in an educated family in Chennai.

On Sunday, July 5, Yogita Dugar of Rajaldesar (Rajasthan), married to TARUN BAID of Ladnun, staying in Chennai, was pushed from her sasural's 4th-floor balcony, by her own husband and in-laws.

Yogita was a gold medalist in M.Com, she did her bit for the society by teaching at the only degree college that's present in Rajaldesar (Rajasthan), before getting married to TARUN BAID.

Reports and evidence have arrived of her mother in law(BEENA BAID) and sister in law(DOLLY BAID), from Chennai, about torturing and harassing her during her 7 months long marriage.

A police complaint has been lodged against Yogita's husband and in-laws. Unfortunately, Yogita died on July 15 after 10 days of struggle for life on a ventilator.

We just want you to pass on the message to everyone so that all are aware of this brutality and strict action is taken against the culprits.

Let's make an effort to spread the message and ensure that justice is served to Yogita just the way it was served to Nirbhaya & Jessica lal.
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