Men also get raped but they suffer in silence

a girl raped a guy
source via:- google search, what's trending, this is a story of a man being raped by a woman and has suffered in silence for a long period of time.

In our society many people think that only a women can get raped but not the men, why ? this is a story of men who got raped and then suffered in silence because he could not tell the society as they won't have believed him.

He looked at the marks and bites on his neck, his back scratched impression of fingers on his hand,it was an ugly color, it had turned purple from red, this was the physical evidence of what had happened to him, he was raped by a girl.

He could not forget even the smallest thing happened to him in that incident.

He was at the party with friends, where he has 2 or more beers after his friend insisted him to have it and everyone around were having a drink, after a while he found her sitting next to him in a sober manner but with a drink in her hand, she started flirting with him, touching his body, she was pretty and it was the first time that some girl has touched him that way.

He didn't know what to do, she pulled him and locked him in the room, everything suddenly changed ,he didn't want to do anything wrong but she forced on him, she pushed him and held his arms down and climbed on top of him.

He resisted, but what she said next made him stop ,"I will blame it on you", after a while she left him saying that "you should be happy because now you a stud".

After this incident he avoided his family and friends and got really disturbed in life and started staying alone in the bedroom for days and hours, seeing this his mother insisted him to meet his friends and go out.

It's been a while and the days went fast one day his father came to him and asked " son u don't seem alright share with me what's wrong I will help you out 'i am your father' you can tell me.

He looked at his father and he could not hold anything now , words burst out with tears in eyes.

His father said you don't have to worry it was not your fault victims have never at fault my son and then hugged him.
His father then decided there was no use in taking legal action against the girl because proving it in a society like this won't be a possible thing , the father agreed on his decision of changing the college because he wanted to leave that friend behind and forget what has happened.

Then he decided to move on with a mindset that it was not his fault.

These stories are such stories which can't be shared with the society and if they had done so people would have said " how can a guy let that girl come on him after being so powerful than the girl , he must have something in his mind to" no that's not the thing the main thing was the girl, if he did not have allowed her , she would have blamed him for rape, and then thinking of life and future that guy kept numb and suffered the pain ever guy is not powerful and strong there are people and men with soft heart and feelings hence they suffer.
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