Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passed away at the age of 55

nintendo president passed away
source via: Google Search-World News-Yahoo, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passed Away At The Age Of 55
The company gave a small statement regarding the death of the president saying that:- "deeply regrets to announce that president Satoru Iwata passed away on July 11 2015 due to a bile duct growth".

Satoru Iwata was born on December 6, 1959, and raised in Sapporo japan.

Satoru Iwata started his career from HAL lab and where he worked on the games like balloon fight and Earth bound. In 2000, he joined Nintendo and was the head of its corporate planning division.

When in 2002 Hiroshi Yamauchi retired , Iwata succeeded in being the fourth president of the company with Hiroshi's blessing this was the first time when someone not related to "Yamauchi" family became the president.

He will be missed, rest in peace , Mr. Iwata.
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