Police officer shares meal with a homeless man

police officer sharing meal with homeless man
source via:-google search, world news, the police officer sitting down and sharing a meal with a poor and homeless man on the street
"Tianne Greene" spotted something out which was very kind of the police officer and wanted to share the story with everyone but she didn't think that this will go viral.

The officers name is "Sergeant Erica Hay" who had purchased a meal for the homeless man, after giving the meal to the man the officer too sat there and had a meal with that man.

The officer had a talk with the man about the life and what all he has been through.

Seeing this "Tianne Greene" started snapping pictures of this scene, the sergeant works for the Ocala Police department in Florida, Tianne Greene stated that seeing this kind action of "Hay" brightened her outlook for days.

"Hay" is glad that Greene took the time to show the good work that police do. The 20-year-police veteran was very touched by Greene’s gesture of posting the pictures of her with the man, who also seems to have appreciated the kindness of a stranger taking the time to be with him.

There are many homeless people in the world and in every country if you see a homeless man or any other poor people do whatever you can do from your side and help them, if every people started helping each other there won't be any death due to poverty or hunger nor will anybody have to starve for food and struggle for their basic needs.

Don't just read this and forget the article do remember if you help its good for others and also good for yourself because you adding up good karma to your list. If you like it do share ahead.
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