Shatrughan Sinha my wife has caught me cheating red handed twice

Shatrughan Sinha caught cheating on his wife
source via: Google Search-India News-Yahoo, Shatrughan Sinha wife have caught him Cheating Red Handed Twice
Shatrughan Sinha - My Wife Has Caught Me Cheating Red Handed Twice:- Shatrughan Sinha and his wife Poonam Sinha are an example of a rock steady marriages in Bollywood.

It has not been all hunky dory for the couple who recently celebrated their 35 years of togetherness.

According to report the actor has been caught red handed twice while cheating and hence because of his cheating he was named Cocktail eyes,Bedroom Eyes and Lady Killer by some publishers.

After getting caught his wife Poonam issued him a mild warning after this warning also he continued his antics and again was caught for the second time.

On getting caught for the next time Poonam told him to think about their kids, Hearing to this he confessed his mistake and then was a totally changed man.
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