Girl made Facebook page to get support from public

harassment case photo
source via:-facebook page, the girl is being harassed by a guy and have made a facebook page to get support from public
This page was found by us when we were just surfing the net the page says about a harassment case which the girl is facing, we don't know where the girl is from and what is the actual case.

harassment case photo 2
source via:- facebook page, The girl is claiming that a man named Anmol Chandan is harassing her and she wants support to fight against him
But seeing a page like this is shocking to us and this page was also promoted by paid advertisement because we saw this in suggested pages.

The girl is claiming that she is being harassed by a guy who's name is "Anmol Chandan" where this guy is from and what does he do where he lives, we have no clue about it.

She has also posted some picture which are very disturbing.

After seeing this we as a normal citizen feel that the girl have not received proper justice and hence shes promoting this page for her justice.

So whatever may be the case but the photos seems to be real and are disturbing.
harassment case photo 3
source via:- facebook page, disturbing photos of the girl being hit by a man

harassment case photo 4
source via:-facebook page, she was hit by him very brutally without any mercy
This is the link to that page 

Where only 180 people have liked the page but , if it would have been a celebrity page there may be millions of likes and share.

Share this post if you feel that this kind of  harassment should stop on women's around the world.
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