Guy painted graffiti on SRK wall and ran away

graffiti on mannat
source via:- google search, random guy Painted Graffiti on Shah Rukh Khan Wall and ran away
Some random fan of SRK has painted this graffiti on the resident walls of Mannat located in Bandra , Mumbai.

This was painted with a messages like "C U on the 15th" "love you SRK", Below the message it has a sign with the name Gaurav.

Security guards are "clueless" about this and no one know's how did that happened after talking to them they told there is nothing wrong with the graffiti.

We won't cover it nor we will remove it until the time "boss" says, "boss" is not here for 20 days and only after that it will be decided that what should be done of this Graffiti.

There is no clue of who painted this till now, and what message he/she wants to convey.
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