The drug lord El Chapo escapes from a maximum security prison

el chapo escapes jail again
source via:-Google Search-World News-Yahoo, Drug Lord El Chapo Escapes from Prison 
The Mexican Drug lord "El Chapo" escapes from the prison which was known as the most highest security prison , authorities committed that he will be soon behind the bars again.

He went for a shower as usual and slipped into a tunnel to escape from the prison the last recording found of him in prison was off Saturday when he was seen crawling on the ground in the shower area of his cell.

tunnel from which el chapo escaped
source via:-Google Search-Yahoo News, El Chapo Escapes From Prison Digging A hole

Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto said a huge team force is being allotted to find Guzman.

This is the real truth and power of money, of the Mexican drug lord "El Chapo" see this video which shows what things were found at his place when his place was raided about few time ago.

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You can also see this Documentary made on "El Chapo" the rise and fall of El Chapo.
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