Disable People Got Jobs Because of this Great Women

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source via:-google search-yahoo-India News, Meera Shenoy Founder Of Youth 4 Jobs Helps Disable People to get Trained and make life Wonderful
Meera Shenoy the founder of youth4jobs who helps disabled people to get trained and make their life wonderful.

There are many people in the country who are bright and talented but they are judged by their disabilities, and the talent in them is ignored.

There are many success stories which need to be shared in the society one of its stories is about a girl named Mallika Reddy.

" I never dreamed I could do this " this were the word by Mallika Reddy before she knew about the organization youth4jobs.

Her aunt looked after her very affectionately rather than her parents. When Mallika was in the 7th standard her father was attacked with paralysis. 

She returned to her village after completing her SSC and joined the intermediate studies at Ramakrishna junior college, Madanapalli.

There are many companies who don't recruit such kind of people, but this organization helps them to get trained and get their skills to brush up so that they can't be judged by their disability.

She did her schooling from 5th to 10th at Little Angels High School, Hyderabad. 

They had to sell all their assets for his treatment and thus, could not support her studies in Hyderabad. 
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source via: google search, Mallika Reddy disable women teaching the student to get ahead of life
When she was still studying, she read an advertisement for YOUTH4JOBS in the Eenadu newspaper. 

She called the number given in it where she spoke with one of the trainers and learned of the training's provided here. 

She felt that the opportunity was given by God since YOUTH4JOBS trainings were for a job and who on earth will give a disabled girl a job. 

Without a second thought, she joined the training. Earlier she used to feel inferior in new places but here in this training, she didn’t feel so. 

Because all her friends there were of her types, with a lot of zeal to learn and to settle in life. 

She learned English, Soft skills and Typing in computers for 2 months. 

Training changed her behavior, attitude, language, and style. She learned a lot of techniques in teaching and followed the tips given by her experienced trainers.

She found a lot of change in herself and became very confident to work in this competitive world. 

She applied for a job as an English trainer in a government project, EGMM for training, got selected and was posted to Tirupathi TTDC with a salary of 12,000/-, this was her success story and hence ahead she's living a peaceful life.

So a request to all the people reading this article whenever you get a chance to help please do it and if you want to support youth4jobs there are many ways you can do it and some are listed as under:-

1) Volunteer with them in their centers.

2) Adopt a disable person and support his training.

3) You can also start your own training center.

4)  And above all, if you think, you have a place for such kind of people in your company do contact them.

Thank you.
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