19 year old girl cut into 17 pieces by her facebook friend

19 years old girl murdered
teen girl body cut into 17 pieces by her facebook friend, source via - google search, India news.
Gauri Srivastava went missing on February 1 after leaving her house in Aminabad area. Her body was found the next day. Himanshu Prajapati (23) and his friend Anuj Kumar Gautam were arrested for this late Saturday night.

They admitted the crime, the way she was killed was very brutal and disturbing and has raised a question that the murderer was mentally ill (Himanshu Prajapati).

DGP Arvind Kumar Jain said that – "He took the girl to his place when all his family member were going to Mumbai and then just murdered her.

This all started with Whatsapp messages and videos which the girl had shared with some random guy ,which Himanshu didn't know about.

Himanshu then got very aggressive after seeing that photos and videos which she shared and got psycho.

After this Himanshu just killed the girl cut her body into pieces and packed the individual pieces in individual bags, her legs , arms and head were packed in jute bags.

The accused then took one bag at a time on his bike and started disposing of it in different areas and took several rounds to dispose of the whole body.

This acts of brutal behavior are increasing day by day there are many cases happening around the world but many go unnoticed.

Humanity is still under threat.
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