200 page charge sheet filed against these 2 sisters of rohtak

bus fight of 2 girls
charge sheet filed against two sisters from Rohtak as they were wrong, source via - google search, India news.
200 Page Charge sheet Filed Against These 2 Sisters As The Boys Proved To Be Right.

A police Special Investigation Team has filed a 200-page charge sheet in the case lodged by Rohtak sisters Pooja (19) and Aarti (22), who had accused three boys of molesting them on a Haryana Roadways bus on November 28, 2014.

Sources said the charge sheet mentions that in the polygraph test, 60 responses by the sisters were wrong. 

Most of the witnesses have reportedly also testified that there was no molestation and the fight in the bus was over a seat. 

Among them is the woman who had made a video of the alleged incident, and who had gone underground after the incident.

The hearing in the case will begin from August 26 in the district court.
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