A cafe in kulu india doesnt allows indians to enter

indian cafe doesn't allows indians to enter
cafe in Kulu which does not allow Indians to enter, source via - google search, India news
It's a cafe in Kullu, but Indians are not allowed to enter this establishment. 

Apparently, it is an 'Israeli cafe' where locals and non-Israelis cannot enter. And this has led to massive outrage on the social media.

On Tuesday, Kullu district administration ordered a probe into the allegations. 

The allegation about the discrimination came to light on social media when Indians said they were denied entry by the cafe owner.

The Kullu Deputy Commissioner said action will be taken against the cafe owner if the allegations were found to be true. 

"I have directed the SP to look into the matter. Action will be taken against the persons if found violating the rules," Kullu Deputy Commissioner Rakesh Kanwar said.
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