A postman made a small taj mahal for his wife

small taj mahal
source via - google search, india news
This is a story of a postman who made a small taj mahal for his wife whom he loved very much.

Faizul Hasan Qadri is 79 now. He and his wife, Tajammuli, were married when they were teenagers, and were together for 58 years. Three years ago, she died.

Now, he can look out that window and see the monument he is building in Tajammuli's memory.

It was an arranged marriage, a practice that remains widespread across India, and was near-universal when he was a young man.

They never had any children. One day, Tajammuli asked who would remember them once they were gone. "I will build a tomb that everybody will remember," he told her. It was for her, he says, though one day he will also be laid inside it.

small taj mahal 2
source via - google search, india news
The work is still going on and he does carry on work when he has money, many people offered help but he didn't agreed to it and said that "It is a proof of love. I have to do it on my own,".
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