Real looking tattoo that only last's for 2 weeks

getinkbox official website
real looking tattoo but temporary a great idea, source via - google search, what's trending
Inkbox is a new company founded by 2 brothers Tyler and Braden Handley who are the inventors of this great stuff, the tattoo made roughly stays around 2 weeks and then it's gone.

All the tattoo lovers who love making tattoo but are confused or scared that if his/her tattoo didn't mean anything in future can opt-in to go with Inkbox tattoo.

They have invented such kind of Technique using a fruit based ink that provides a look of a real tattoo but for few weeks.

It has a four-layer technique which is used that will safely put up the tattoo on your skin.

You put the ink patch on your skin, applying it with a damp cloth for 10 minutes. In 12 to 24 hours, your realistic, but temporary, tattoo appears.
how to apply inkbox tattoo
an example of the tattoo design and how to apply it, source via - google search, what's trending
They have many designs on their website from where you can select your design. (
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