M.S dhoni joined the army for training and is going to do 5 jumps from 10,000 feet

dhoni indian army pic
source:- cricbuzz
PARATROOPER DHONI: An honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the 106 Parachute Regiment of the Territorial Arm, MS Dhoni is undergoing a two-week initial training in Agra.

Captain Cool is expected to do five jumps from a height of 10,000 feet off a plane after the training .

Dhoni says :- It's a real honour as I always wanted to be part of the Indian Army. It's (joining the Indian Army) something that I always wanted to achieve as a kid and now that I have donned the olive greens, my dream has been fulfilled.

Hes training himself for the para jump and then will be back as captain cool for India. 
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