The original radhe maa name was sukhwinder and she used to stitch clothes

original name of radhe maa
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The original name of radhe maa was sukhwinder and she used to stitch clothes, this is the full story how she went from bottom to up and above by simply fooling people.

Years before she became Radhe Maa of Mumbai, she was Sukhwinder Kaur of Mukerian town in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

Residents there remember her as a teenager who stitched their clothes to back up the earnings of her husband, who worked in the sweet shop of his brother.

She was 17 when she married Mohan Singh of Mukerian in the mid-1980s. Her religious pursuits began after her husband went to the Middle East to work as a laborer. A relative said she started visiting the local Paramhans Dera and participating in satsangs. “People would invite her to their homes for satsang. As her reputation grew, she started dressing up like a goddess.

Today, she has a temple to her name and an ashram in Khanpur village, 2 km from Mukerian.

Radhe Maa lives in a palatial ‘Radhe Maa Bhawan’ in Borivali. Every fortnight, the complex hosts mata ki chowki, jagaran and satsang that attract possibly hundreds of followers, including film personalities.

Some invite her home for rituals. They offer her money and gifts, while Radhe Maa herself is known to gift lavishly to needy followers.

Followers claimed Radhe Maa wears the jewellery a few times and then gives it away, usually to needy brides. “I recently visited her in Mumbai and she gifted a diamond set to my wife,” said a follower in Mukerian.

After this all being done, time came when nikki gupta filed a case against radhe maa, nikki was sent to radhe maa bhavan to serve radhe maa where radhe maa treated her like a servant and also demanded many things according to her.

After the police inquired about all what has happened the fraud came in front of the public, and this became the end of radhe maa famous following.

This is the how sukhwinder became the famous radhe maa.

News source:- Yahoo.
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