Radhe maa themed kitty party is now trending for a reason unknown

radhe maa kitty party
Radhe maa theme kitty party, source via - google search, India news
Radhe Maa Themed Kitty Party Is Now Trending For A Reason Unknown.

On social media, Radhe Maa has been the subject of both jokes and debates. However, this picture of the kitty party, tweeted by a Press Trust of India journalist, seems like the cherry on top of a huge red velvet cake.

The women in the photo seem to have a done a good job of copying Radhe Maa - they're all in red (obviously), with huge teekas on their forehead and bangles on their hands. Some are even carrying the trishul as an added accessory to their outfits

Yes, it's apparently a thing now, or might become one.
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