See what miracle did doctors do for this child

miracles the doctors did
child born with almost no eyes and nose was treated by the doctors, source via - google search, world news.
This Child was born with no eyes, a hole in the middle of his face where his nose should be and no upper jaw.

This went global when the father of his closest friend took the post to Facebook, pleading for medical professionals to help the boy lead a normal life.

This post was read by Fatima Baraka, a Melbourne-based breast cancer survivor who was actually born in a village not far from This child's village. 

Ms. Baraka took it upon herself to search for a surgeon who would be willing to transform the child's face and soon found Melbourne reconstructive surgeon, Tony Holmes. 

She then traveled to the child's home where she met him and his family for the first time before personally bringing them to Australia.

Now, after undergoing a life-changing 18-hour operation, he’s been given the chance to live a normal life.

 One of the Melbourne doctors who remodeled the bones on his face, Dr. Tony Holmes, also separated Bangladeshi-born twins Trishna and Krishna. 

Dr Holmes spent almost an entire day doing the surgery that was intended to take on 8 hours but actually took 18. 

A team of surgeons worked in shift rotation to complete the pricey procedure, which was funded by donations and helped by doctors who offered their services free of charge.

“The risks of the operation were great but I think they were worth it so that he could have a decent life,” Dr. Holmes said.

While the little boy still needs some prosthetic eyes and more surgery on his nose, he is learning to walk and his life has changed forever.

Sadly, he was a social outcast in his hometown and his parents kept him hidden away, believing his appearance was too confronting for some.
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