These 13 things from childhood were so awesome

1. the brick game

brick game

 2. Tv video game.

sega video game

 3. Old collection of games.

video game

 4. When the long snake drag you down from top to bottom.
snakes and ladder

 5. When you get the queen but the cover is tough to get.
carom game

 6. The inbuilt sharpener compass.
superman compass

 7. When you get the rock and you just win.
wwf cards

 8. The Nokia ringtone and the phone
nokia old phones

 9. When you hit the laser at someone's house from your building.

 10. The hot wheels. 

 11. When there were no CD's And Dvd's.
old songs

 12. Trade me that card.

 13. How can we forget tazooooo.

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