Women jumps from the top floor and her boyfriend catches her from the window below

women jumps from top floor video
woman jumps from top floor boyfriend catches him from the bottom the bottom floor video, source via - google search, what's trending.
Woman jumps out of the window: A 20-year-old Woman in China's northern city of Harbin who fell from her fifth-floor apartment window was incredibly saved by her quick-thinking boyfriend who caught her as he leaned out from a neighbor's window the floor below.

According to the Heilongjiang Morning post and blog Shanghaiist, the unnamed woman had locked her boyfriend out of their shared apartment during an argument on August 11. 

Unable to get back inside, the man went to a neighbor's unit on the fourth floor and spoke to his girlfriend through an open window.

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Media reports don't say whether the woman jumped or fell - but moments later she went over the ledge only to be snatched from the air by her boyfriend.

A local resident captured footage of the dangling damsel with a cell phone camera.
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