4 must have vitamins that help in muscle building and fixing

food that help build muscle
source:- Hindustan times
Check out these vitamins that helps muscle building and fixing the muscle that you have teared in the gym.

Vitamin C: It's responsible for the health of the blood vessels that support your muscles' needs for oxygen and nutrients. The more vitamin C your body has, the more effective your muscles will work and the quicker they'll recover during exercise.

Calcium: It is vital for maintaining strong healthy bones and muscles. When exercising, your muscles need to contract to help them grow. Without calcium, your body wouldn't send your muscles the signal to contract.

Vitamin D: It's essential for muscle contraction, strength and growth. So, to get the most from your workout, make sure you include Vitamin D-rich foods like eggs and oily fish such as mackerel, salmon and sardines.

Protein: Key nutrient in building muscle, protein should be consumed after you complete your workout, to help recover the muscles. Oily fish, lean meat such as turkey or beef, tofu, cheese and eggs are rich in protein.
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