Blood moon on September 27 2015

super moon
source via - google search, world news
The Supermoon, also known as the Bloodmoon, will occur on September 27 or 28, depending on the country. 

This is going to be a spectacular event, as the supermoon combines with a lunar eclipse, an event which takes place once in a while.

The last time the moon interfered with a lunar eclipse was 30 years ago, more precisely in 1982. 

The event is not something to be missed, because it represents a rarity, something which a whole generation might not have seen before. 

Apart from this, it will happen again no sooner than 2033, so be sure you will not miss it!

The event will display a great show, because, for about an hour, the Earth’ shadows cover the moon when the planet occupies a middle position between the sun and the moon. 

This kind of eclipses usually appears twice a year, being somehow predictable.
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