Baby wrapped up in newspaper for auction

for presentation purpose not actual photo
Doctor tried to auction a baby by wrapping up it a newspaper, source via - google search, India news.
Doctor in Muzaffarnagar chose to auction a newborn on Tuesday by wrapping it in a newspaper.

An unwed mother had delivered the child in Dr. Jitendra Chaudharys hospital on Monday,Chaudhary told her that she would have to face the brutal society and convinced her into agreeing for the auctioning.

Minutes after she left the hospital, Chaudhary made several calls and invited people for the auction. He later sold the baby to the highest bidder.

The police also recovered the baby from a couple. The child has been currently kept at a hospital under police security on Meerut Road.

Kaleem Ahmad, a resident of Sarwat was about to get the newborn for 20,000 when a rich couple outbid him by quoting  50,000.

This is the behavior of our doctors its is just shameful , share this and let each and every Indian read this article.
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