New mobility concept by Nissan

Nissan new mobile cars
future cars by Nissan the new mobility concept launched, source via - google search, tech news.
Nissan is a big name in the electric car market, with the Leaf being one of the most popular electric cars in the world today.

New Mobility Concept (NMC) is the carmaker’s attempt to discover new ways in which electric vehicles can be designed to meet driving needs in the future.

The New Mobility Concept is basically a re-badged Renault Twizy and the design hasn’t evolved much. 

With four wheels at each corner and scissor doors that open upwards, the Nissan Mobility Concept’s quirky design helps it stand out in the crowd.
nissan mobility concept 2
car interior for the mobility vehicle, source via - google search, tech news.
We are not sure whether Nissan will launch the New Mobility Concept in India or it can handle Indian road conditions. 

But, it’s high time the government introduced attractive incentives for electric cars and promoted innovative mobility concepts like the Nissan NMC in India.
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