Tweets can reveal your income level,researchers say

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how can tweet reveal you income levels , source via - google search, tech news.
Your tweets can reveal more than you intend to as researchers have found that it is possible to know a Twitter user's income level simply by looking at the words that he or she uses to post messages.

Lower-income users or those of a lower socioeconomic status use Twitter more as a communication means among themselves," said Nikolaos Aletras from University College London.

"High-income people use it more to disseminate news, and they use it more professionally than personally," Aletras noted.

Analyzing more than 10 million tweets from over 5,000 Twitter users, the researchers found that those who earn more tend to express more fear and anger on Twitter,Those who come across as optimists have a lower mean income, the study said.

Text from those in lower income brackets includes more swear words, whereas those in higher brackets more frequently discuss politics, corporations and the non-profit world, the researchers said.
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