Amit Mishra Indian cricketer accused of assaulting woman

amit mishra assault
Amit mishra is said to have a relationship with Vandana jain (actor turned producer) for about 3 years before this incident.

Vandana Jain, the woman who lodged an FIR at Ashok Nagar Police Station on September 25, has spoken to Bangalore Mirror about the details of the night of violence at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Vandana jain claims that she have shared great relation ship with Amit Mishra and whenever he visited Bangalore, she would spend time with her. 

Vandana told the police, Mishra lost his cool and screamed at her for entering his room without his permission.

“He began hitting me with his hands and threw the electric kettle at my face. He grabbed my neck so hard that I nearly suffocated. He twisted my right wrist so badly that my right ring finger suffered a fracture,” she said. Vandana said they sat down despite the fight. “I asked him why he was being so violent. He began using filthy words and called me a `b**ch’, and `roadside girl’. I then ran out of the room by midnight, crying,” she added.

According to Bengaluru police, if Mishra does not respond to the summons by next Tuesday, he will be arrested.

They have sent a notice to him, copy marking the BCCI in it as well. He is currently with the Indian team, who are locked in a 5-match ODI series with South Africa.
news source:-yahoo news
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