Very emotional moment when a baby born with half skull says hello to parents

baby with half skull says hello
baby born with half skull picture is going viral on the internet, source via - google search, whats trending.
Baby Jaxon Buell was born with severe disabilities – a large part of his skull and brain were missing. But, the resilient little man has defied all odds and survived to celebrate his first birthday in August.

Watch the video at the end, a must read article.

Jaxon, now 13 months old, was recently diagnosed with microhydranencephaly, a severe brain malformation for which there is no known cure after months of tests and misdiagnoses.

His parents Brandon and Brittany Buell were told by doctors that their son wouldn’t live past a few weeks. But, the boy is now miraculously teething and is saying hello to them.

This is just great and after watching this video ,tears just burst out seeing his skull, we just pray that he survives long.

Many people are blessed and many are not, so people who have a great life do help people who don't have it will make you feel good.

Wait for the video to load
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