A MP mechanic invented a car which runs on acetylene gas

eco fiendly cars
Indian mechanic found a way to run his car on an eco-friendly fuel which cost only 10 to 20 rs liter, source via - google search, India news.
After several experiments and working hard for over six months in his workshop, Raees Markani, 44, finally came up with this eco-friendly car that runs on a fuel as cheap as Rs 10 to 20 per litre. 

Though the vehicle looks like another remodeled car, a closer look reveals details of the technology used to create it.

The car runs on acetylene gas, which is formed from a chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water

The gas is used for several industrial purposes including welding and portable lighting for miners. Markani said that the invention would come as a major relief to Indians who spend around Rs 70 a litre on petrol.

Markani added that he refused a Chinese firm, which was interested in using his innovation, asking the investors to set up the plant in his hometown. 

The invention comes at a time when automobile companies are looking to use cleaner, more eco-friendly fuel in their cars. Markani has filed for a patent for the innovation.
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